cgbod Features

cgbod is more than a software for strengthening management system, it’s for scoring and ranking companies based on performance. This will be a base for choosing vendors and contractors based on ranking    

Audit Management

Creation of audit Schedule, Checklist, reporting non conformity, Assigning closure responsibility, Proposing action, Closing NCRs, Audit analysis 

Risk Management

Adding risk, Evaluate with likelihood and impact, assigning risk owner

Document Management

Users can create document add/change/removal requests. Upload documents in the form of word, excel, pdf to view it from any place

Management Review

Users can create Management Review meetings, acceptance, agenda and minutes allocation. Actions system. 

Customer Satisfaction

Add and review customer satisfaction survey and analyze its results. Set your auto – survey

E- Learning

Add new courses, use it for training employees, evaluate the training duration.

Compliance Management

User can register legal requirements, conduct compliance evaluation, compliance notifications, analysis 


Add, review and approve objectives, objective evaluation, trend charts, single click to repeat objective

Corrective Actions

Add, review & analyse root- cause & actions of issues from process, management review, external audit 

Opportunity Management

Adding Opportunity, Evaluate with likelihood and impact, assigning opportunity owner

Context Management

Add issues, contexts, interested party & their requirements, Change Management

Environmental Aspects

Add and evaluate environmental aspects based on the criteria, propose control measure, re evaluate

Health & Safety Risk

Add and evaluate health & Safety Risks based on the criteria, propose control measure, re evaluate, Risk Analysis.

Incident Reporting

Users can record incidents, add investigation reports, auto closure while closing all corrective actions, Incident Analysis

HSE Observations

Record safety violations, observations, non compliances and propose root-cause and corrective actions, Detailed Analysis

Near Miss Reporting

Add near miss reporting by any employee, tracking the top 10 reporters, action system and closure, near miss analysis

Occupational Health

This suite for the purpose of Company Clinic Management, tracking all clinic cases, employee health records, medicine inventory tracks, analysis

Complaint Management

Add, review & analyze root- cause & actions of customer complaints received from different customers. Easy tracking of complaint status.

Calibration Management

Users can list all their instruments, auto updates of instrument calibration status, internal calibration reports generation, external calibration.

Waste Management

Define waste / scraps in the organization, create transfer requests, Review & approval of the requests, disposal or sales request.

Vendor Management

Creation of master list of vendors, initial evaluation and continuous performance evaluation of vendors, analysis.

JD and Trainings

Creation of Job descriptions, training schedules and conduct training evaluation

Maintenance Management

Listing all equipment, creation of schedule and update with detailed maintenance reports.

Change Management

Users can request for changes in different category, obtain review and approval, update the status of each

Improve Internal & External Communication

Effectiveness in internal and external communications manifest organizations maturity. cgbod helps organizations to strengthen communications within and outside to an excellent level through its different modules. Automated system for notifications gives alert to each responsible employees about their due tasks.

Collect Actionable Data

Realtime data availability to show in live screen from all modules including achievements of objectives.

Analyze Vendor Data

You have key way to review your vendor data in cgbod with the permission of your vendor. You will see your vendor’s or contractor’s performance trends to advise them to improve the situation. 

Our Customers, Affiliates and user experiences

cgbod design validated through users of various reputed organizations 

"Brilliant and future idea to improve the over all efficiency of organizational management system."

– Ali Sayed

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